The APJ - Assembly Programming Journal is finally back.

After a long time of non-maintanance we opened the new official website located at:

We will need some (small) time to rest, then we start with a new "call for papers".
I hope that some of you will support the journal by contributing articles ;)

Best regards,
Thorsten Schneider

addition: I know there is a small bug displaying two of the articles, I will fix this during the next time.
Posted on 2004-02-21 05:34:57 by Schneider
I'm looking forward to the next release :alright:
Posted on 2004-02-21 08:24:13 by Cuby
Posted on 2004-02-21 14:39:26 by x86asm
cool! any chance of an IRC channel?
Posted on 2004-02-22 20:45:33 by gorshing
Nice. What about putting all html articles in one archive?

Posted on 2004-02-24 12:49:52 by stanks
An IRC channel is not possible for me (time problem). But maybe some others can organize this.

Yes. Is a good idea. I try to add them. Thx for the idea.
Posted on 2004-02-24 15:18:16 by Schneider

cool! any chance of an IRC channel?

efnet, #win32asm ...
Posted on 2004-02-24 15:54:00 by f0dder
Welcome back APJ :)
Posted on 2004-02-24 23:01:35 by Homer

efnet, #win32asm ...

I'll see what I can do fodder, I'm always logged onto freenode.
Posted on 2004-02-25 11:14:49 by gorshing