Well, I lost my source for the client side of Update Manager and am currently rewriting it so it will be a little delayed. In the mean time I thought I would release the source code for the Update Manager if anyone is interested in it. I am especially interested in anyone who might improve the FTP section of the code. It is functional but could be better, I just don't know enough about FTP software to do much more than a kludge.

The program and source code (in RadASM project format) can be found at my website. If you have any problems with it please post them here, that includes any thing that you might find isn't clear or not intuitive. I have tried to make this the most GUI oriented application I have ever written and I'm a GUI kind of programmer, so everything should be obvious to use without a help file. I am working on the help file slowly but right now my priority is the HTTPUpdate rewrite, it stands around 60% done right now.

And for those who asked, yes my About Box code is included in the source along with the Hyperlink custom control source.

General information about the source code:

Everything in MiscFunctions.asm except FindNameInPath are GoAsm translations of functions from the MASM32 library and protected under it's copyright and subject to it's terms and conditions.

TreeviewDir.asm is Copyright ? Ketil Olsen and released to the public domain.

Zlib is Copyright ? 1995-2002 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

All other stuff is written by me though I may have missed something that belongs to someone else, if I did my appologies. Any code that I have written can be considered public domain and you may use it as you like, whether in a commercial application or not. I would ask as usual that it is not used as part of a paid tutorial and that the origin of the software not be misrepresented (ie don't say you wrote it).


This software uses features from the latest Beta of GoAsm (0.48a) and cannot be reliably compiled without that version.
Posted on 2004-02-21 22:35:52 by donkey