Hello all!
Having some trouble handeling the SCC, my Line Status Register wont change!
When there is data available in the Recive Register LSR's bit 0 is set to 1. Reading the Recive Register should clear this bit, hence the second messagebox in this code should not be shown

mov dx,3f8h ; DR/TR
in al,dx ; This should clear LSR bit 0
movzx edx,al
invoke wsprintf, addr tmpbuf, addr tmp, edx
invoke MessageBox, NULL, addr tmpbuf, addr MCap, MB_OK
mov dx,3fdh ; LSR
in al,dx ; reading the LSR
test al,1
jz tmp1
invoke MessageBox, NULL, addr anything, addr MCap, MB_OK

but it is :confused:! and since its a read only read-only register i cant manualy put it to 0.
Posted on 2004-02-23 07:26:25 by sluggo
Good News Everyone! (;) all futurama fans) i got it to work.
What i did wrong was that i didnt configure the Line Control Register the same way on the sending machine as the recieving (actually i didnt configure the sender at all but only sent the data with the SCC presets).
Posted on 2004-02-24 11:19:19 by sluggo