Hi all,

WinAsm Studio V3.0.0.4 is available from my site (http://winasm.code4u.net)

What's new

1.New option: Tools-Options-Auto Toolbox/RC Options. If enabled, Toolbox and RC Options autoshow/autohide when selecting from the Project Tree as appropriate.(Thanks Marwin,The One)

2.Auto increment of the dialogs/controls ID's(Thanks Jnrz)

3.When creating a new project the project properties are not set correctly. (Thanks Qvasimodo)

4.Static text controls now support the SS_CENTERIMAGE style. It causes text to be centered vertically.(Thanks Qvasimodo)

5.LVS_TYPEMASK,LVS_TYPESTYLEMASK,LVS_ALIGNMASK are not styles->removed(Thanks Qvasimodo)

6.IDC_DLG changed to IDD_DLG for new dialogs. (Thanks Qvasimodo)

7.If WinAsm has been set to use the SystemTray when minimized it will not remove its icon when the user right-clicks and selects Exit from the menu.(Thanks Richm)

8.Project menu (and context menu on Project tree) new item:Switch from Visual Mode to text mode for RC file windows and vice versa (Thanks thomasantony, Stoby, Manos, Qvasimodo etc)

9.Moving a CBS_DROPDOWN or CBS_DROPDOWNLIST combobox was changing its height unnecessarily(Thanks Qvasimodo)

10.Many minor bug fixes and improvements


Posted on 2004-02-24 03:26:03 by akyprian