Env.Req_Method.Buf points to "Sh_t", 0, 0, 0, 0

stdcall [WriteFile], [StdOut], Env.Req_Method.Buf, 0, Bytes.Tx, 0

Note that nNumberOfBytesToWrite = 0
Posted on 2001-11-04 00:07:06 by eet_1024
Strange. From the MSDN :

A value of zero specifies a null write operation. The behavior of a null write operation depends on the underlying file system. To truncate or extend a file, use the SetEndOfFile function.
Posted on 2001-11-04 05:45:48 by Dr. Manhattan
Yeah, very strange. If I put a null between 'h' and 'i', On IE i get Shi. If I view the source in notepad, I get 'Sh i'

Posted on 2001-11-04 14:59:53 by eet_1024