I want to know which one is better ergonomically.

Also i hear of 'optical' traackball mouses. What is the use of optical techonology when you are moving the ball by hand?
Posted on 2004-02-26 09:52:09 by clippy
The normal mouse is better, because the trackball places a huge stress on your index and middle finger. When moving a mouse, the work is distributed throughout the whole hand. And space is not a problem, because most people can move their hand in steps of 20?m. This means that 1 inch is adequate for moving the mouse cursor across a 1024 pixel wide display.
The optical trackball, I suppose, works by using optical methods to measure the movement of the ball instead of mechanical sensors which have a habit of getting dirt on them, since the user is in direct contact with the ball, and who knows where he might have been sticking his hands, causing them to slip and create frustration when the cursor refuses to move where the user wants it to.
Posted on 2004-02-26 10:24:21 by Sephiroth3
I see.
And what about keyboards?

Are the split ones better or the normal ones?
Posted on 2004-02-28 02:55:09 by clippy
Is this what you're referring to?

It doesn't look comfy...
Posted on 2004-02-28 07:49:39 by Sephiroth3
No no.
I am referring to this -
Posted on 2004-02-28 07:59:40 by clippy
Ah :P Well, I've never used one, but it is perhaps not a bad idea. The only downside I can see is that it might place a slight stress on your elbow and shoulder. However, I am unsure of the benefits to using this.
Posted on 2004-02-28 12:35:48 by Sephiroth3
The only downside I can see is that it might place a slight stress on your elbow and shoulder

And why is that?
Posted on 2004-02-28 13:27:21 by clippy
Because you have to turn your arm a bit to have it at an angle suitable for typing without hurting your wrist. This means moving the elbow outwards. But it probably depends on how the keyboard is positioned vertically. If you stand while typing, then this might be a better solution.
Posted on 2004-02-28 14:50:14 by Sephiroth3