in an attempt to write an NT Kernel driver entirely in asm i came across the problem of missing include files for MASM. So here are my questions :

1. Can i use L2INCA to create include files from the NTDKK (W2K SP2 to be more specific) and just use them ? What about constants etc. ?

2. What do i so with the supplied DDK include files ? H2INC doesn't seem to work properly (no surprise).

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated !
Posted on 2001-11-04 20:03:04 by jmp $FCE2
I have yet to see h2inc do anthing other then err out on, I find it a uselesss tool.

Elicz has a quite a bit of nice nt kmd stuff, here is a nice inlcude file
for structures and constants
This is most likely what you will need. You will have to add the rest by hand

Posted on 2001-11-05 02:32:30 by prs
Thanks alot. Perhaps this is just enough for a start :)
Posted on 2001-11-05 05:47:37 by jmp $FCE2