Hi all,

This is WinAsm Studio V3.0.0.5

What's new:

1.features parameter of WAAddInLoad Procedure in Add-Ins now points to a FEATURES structure-see WAAddIn.inc. (Thanks Qvasimodo).
Use it as follows from your Add-In:
.If features
MOV EAX,features
;Now EAX is 3005 for the current version

2.The "Save" toolbar button and "File-Save File" are now enabled or disabled as appropriate even for Resource files in Visual Mode (Thanks Qvasimodo)

3.Trying to close WinAsm Studio before it finished loading, causes a GPF.(Thanks Qvasimodo)

4.Signed ID,Left,Top values are now supported(Thanks Qvasimodo)

5.WS_CLIPCHILDREN style now not set by default for new Controls and WS_CLIPSIBLINGS style not set by default for new Dialogs(Thanks Qvasimodo)

6.Toolbox/RC Options are autoshown if a control/dialog is selected from the Dialogs Tree and the 'Auto Toolbox/RC Options' is enabled.(Thanks Marwin)

7.Proper handling of almost all escape sequences(Thanks Marwin)

8.Proper handling of double quotes(Thanks Qvasimodo)

9.Proper Update of Controls when they move/size(Thanks Marwin,Qvasimodo)

10.Recalculation of dialog size when needed.

11.External resource filenames use / instead of \.(Thanks Qvasimodo,cu.Pegasus)

12.Accelerators for Comment(F2)/Uncomment(Shift+F2)(Thanks Marwin)

13.Better navigation with TAB-key in the dialogs(Thanks Marwin)

14.IDName Edit allows only alphanumeric and '_' characters.

15.Deleting a dialog/control(s) didnot update the Properties list.(Thanks Manos)

16.Right-Click on the editor while Ctrl is pressed now pop ups Format menu. If Ctrl is not pressed the Edit menu popups as usual(Thanks BerniR for similar request)

17.Close project does not ask to save Project changes (If any) fixed.

18.New Project-Build or Save Project, but do not save the asm file. On closing WinAsm will not prompt to save it.(Thanks Qvasimodo)

19.Trying to open a RECENT project does not ask to save Project changes.

20.Minor improvements.

Special thanks to all that via feedback help me make WinAsm Studio better.


Posted on 2004-03-03 09:03:20 by akyprian
Hi :)
This is a list of bugs and suggestions I made while coding...


1. Click on "Open project". Enter the name of an existing file, but not a project, but of any other type. WinAsm will try to open it as if it was a project file, and will not report an error.

2. Autocomplete does not pop up for an "invoke" line if it has a label. (I know, this one is a little unfair)

3. This may be a feature, not a bug, but I don't really like it (Perhaps we can have some other users opinions on this one?): when only part of a line is selected and you hit "tab" or "shift+tab", it will indent or outdent. Perhaps this should only happen only when full lines are selected, maybe on a partial selection across two or more lines too.

4. What ever happened to "Manifest file (*.xml)" in the files filter when hitting Ctrl+D? :grin:

5. The Toolbox/RC windows are not hiding or showing (when they should) when you close an MDI child.

6. The Toolbox/RC windows are not showing when creating a new RC file.

7. WS_THICKFRAME and WS_SIZEBOX are actually the same style.

8. DS_3DLOOK is obsolete, and has no effect.

9. DS_SETFONT is set or cleared internally by the resource builder. Using it in the script has no effect.

10. Add a new file as "Other" type. Save as a known type (inc, asm, def, rc...). The file should then be moved to it's corresponding category in the project tree, but it isn't. The project may not build correctly because of this (for example, adding the .def file like this causes WinAsm to ignore it and build the dll without any exports). This problem is fixed by itself when closing and reopening the project.

11. Add a new procedure. Go to the first line of it (where the "proc" is), hit "Home" and "Enter". This inserts a new line right above the procedure. The vertical line is then repeated (see attached image). This extra line is cleared when you type new characters into that line. The same bug happens when pasting code instead of hitting "Enter" to add a new line. Strangely enough, this only seems to happen when the PROC keyword is in lower case... :confused:

12. Not sure if this is a bug or a "feature" ;) but when you hit Ctrl+Plus at the AddIn Manager you get to see two hidden columns in the listview. These contain the addins description strings and filenames. They would look better left aligned instead of centered. :)

13. Autocomplete for structures is not working unless the structure name is the first operand. It doesn't work for INVOKE parameters but the first, except when ADDR is used.


1. This suggestion is similar to one I posted last week: just like with structures, it would be good if the autocomplete for equates would pop up when typing a comma in an "invoke" line. Same reason: so we don't have to guess the first letter. :)

2. It could be useful to support autocomplete for "call" as well (just the function names, of course) and structures (when defining them in the data section).

3. How about supporting radio menu items in the menu editor? ;)

4. The .exp files are pretty much useless, they could safely be deleted when a dll project is successfully built.

5. A cosmetic detail: could you make the treeviews in the project window have full row select? I love those :grin:

6. The menu popup items could have IDs too. That way, addin coders can insert new popups without breaking compatibility (because of position changes).

7. IMHO structures should not have a vertical divider line. It looks really bad when nesting them.

8. Three requests in one: when creating a new project based on a template, it would be great if:
- The "select folder" dialog has a "new folder" button.
- It started with "My Documents" selected, since that's where one usually saves projects.
- There was a way to enter the new project's name (having the template's name as default). Then the files could be renamed to match the new project's name.
Posted on 2004-03-10 11:59:55 by QvasiModo

Thanks for all! I 'll study each and every issue and act accordingly.


Posted on 2004-03-10 15:58:06 by akyprian