Hello, everybody:

I wrote a web program one years ago, the front was PHP, and the background database was MySQL. Now I want to write a front program by MASM, because I want to add many controls and functions that the web browser (Internet explorer or Netscape) don't have.

The MySQL group support C API , if you write a program using C, you can do many SQL actions directly, but , I want to use MASM, how can I do ?

The MySQL C API have several *.h head files, a *.def file, a *.lib file, a *.dll file.

I got the function list (*.inc) by using L2INCA.exe, but , there are many date type, struct in the *.h head files, how can I convert them easily?

Thank you !
Posted on 2004-03-04 02:50:31 by seasea
I don't know of any automatic structure converters, so you'll probably have to do it by hand. There's som conversion tool included with some old compiler, probably borland... but I don't know if it handles anything but equates, and it's probably meant for 16bit code. So... hand translation is probably your friend.
Posted on 2004-03-07 15:24:02 by f0dder