I try to use the Japheth's COMView application http://www.japheth.de/COMView.html .

Playing around with the WebBrowser example I observed that some of DWebBrowserEvents2 events doesn't reach the defined procedures. All events fires except BeforeNavigate2, NewWindow2, NavigateComplete2, DocumentComplete.

I would like to know if someone else had the same problem and a possible workaround.
Yes, I know, I can write the same thing without using macros, but the Japheth's macros are great and COMView application also.
Posted on 2004-03-04 08:19:54 by Iario
Japheth sent me an email with a bugfix for this problem. I attached a modified version which works.

Thanks Japheth! :alright:
Posted on 2004-03-11 11:40:03 by Iario