Dear assembly friends,

the APJ (Assembly-Programming-Journal) is a free online Journal covering assembly language programming techniques.

For the next issue we request papers and participation.

Full Length paper Submission Deadline May 31, 2004

Papers are requested in the following areas:

Watchdogs; Parallel Algorithms; 64-Bit-Technology; Genetic Algorithms; Neuronal Networks; Petri-Nets; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Agents; Compression; Cryptography; Multi Threading; Multi Processor Technology; OOP Problems; Sorting; Parsing; other techniques

Assembly Language Snippets
Free Style

Gaming Corner
OpenGL; DirectX; GDI; other techniques

PalmOS Environment
Windows CE; Palm; other environments

Book/Tool/Media Reviews
Free Style

The Linux World
Same as "Algorithms"; special problems under Linux;Server-Side-Programming; other techniques; Free-Style

win32/win64 assembly programming
Same as "Algorithms"; win32; win64; .NET; Server-Side-Programming; VxD; other techniques; Free-Style


The topics above are just a guideline, not a must !

If you have any questions about the Assembly-Programming-Journal feel free to contact me at

Best regards,
Thorsten Schneider
Posted on 2004-03-05 02:15:02 by Schneider