HLA v1.62 is now available from the HLA Downloads page at

The major change (practically the only change) is the inclusion
of the "freeHLA" system.

"freeHLA" (mostly) eliminates the use of copyrighted software and
data from the HLA package so that it's now possible to use HLA
under Windows without having to use copyrighted code such as
MASM, MS-Link, and the Microsoft resource compiler.

"freeHLA" uses the FASM asssembler (v1.51 or later) to process
HLA output and use uses various tools from the Pelles C toolkit
to process the object files produced by FASM and resource
scripts. It is now possible to distribute a complete HLA system
that doesn't require the user to download other software (e.g.,
MASM and MS-Link) from another source - the "freeHLA"
package can be distributed with all the software needed to run

Note that "standard" HLA (that uses MASM) is still available for
those who have MASM and MS-Link on their systems. Indeed,
as "freeHLA" is currently being offered in beta-test form, the
standard HLA package provides a back up in case there are
problems with the use of "freeHLA".

Linux users should note that HLA for Linux has always used
freely available software, so the v1.62 update doesn't contain
anything of interest to a Linux user - this update is strictly for
Windows users only (HLA v1.61 remains the current release
for Linux).

Another slight change, by request, has been to split the HTML
documentation for HLA (the reference manual and the standard
library manual) into smaller files for faster loading and viewing.
This has been done. You can view the results here:
and here:

An RTF file of the documentation (or a Framemaker file) is also
available by special request.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2004-03-06 16:06:49 by rhyde