I downloaded a windows assembly tutorial from http://win32assembly.online.fr/tutorials.html. It says that i need masm to compile and link assembly files. Plz tell me can i use nasm to compile and link windows gui assembly programs. Plz tell me how to do this.

Posted on 2004-03-07 10:34:06 by chamsy
By PLZ, do you mean Postleitzahl (zip code)?
Posted on 2004-03-07 13:33:46 by Sephiroth3
yes !



full NASM package with RAD IDE plus a lot of macros and user functions .
and a lot of examples for windows and DOS .
Posted on 2004-03-07 18:51:04 by Nguga
A pretty good nasm tutorial .... www.drpaulcarter.com/pcasm
Posted on 2004-03-08 13:31:23 by gorshing