Prompt where it is possible to download last version of a help file on Win32SDK?
Posted on 2004-03-08 03:25:31 by Alex BP

It's the "Platform SDK", which is in htmlhelp2 format - and has better, more up-to-date, correct and easily browsable information. Quite a big download, though.
Posted on 2004-03-08 08:01:56 by f0dder
I do not have opportunity to download completely all package. One file is necessary for me only.
Posted on 2004-03-08 15:11:08 by Alex BP
One file? There's no more win32.hlp with the PlatformSDK system - and good riddance! If you already have a win32.hlp, chances are you won't find any version that's more recent.
Posted on 2004-03-08 15:54:37 by f0dder
If you really care, you can download win32.hlp from, as pointed from the lcc-win32 webpage. Info on the webpage says:
size: 12.8M last updated: Monday, 06-Aug-2001 17:43:43 EDT
Posted on 2004-03-09 02:55:40 by Morris
Hi Akyprian,

I use GoAsm and I don't use WinAsm Studio so I am not sure if you already support help lookups for the newer HTML Help 2 format in the SDK but I have some information on the interface to DExplore. Also and more convenient IMHO, there is a viewer that I use in RadASM, it supports a command line interface, this is the setup I added to Qweerdy's MSDN Help addin :

H2Viewer.exe /helpcol ms-help://MS.MSDNQTR.2003APR.1003 /filterquery /keyword "K$lstrcpy"

H2Viewer.exe - The viewer application -

/helpcol - Specifies that a help collection will follow

ms-help://MS.MSDNQTR.2003APR.1003 - The name of the ms-help 2 collection

/filterquery /keyword - Search for keyword

"K$lstrcpy" - Quoted text, K$ = Keyword, followed by the actual keyword

For the SDK you have only to change the help collection to the SDK (I am not sure what it is called). It will allow you to have the most up to date collection of help files available via context sensitive help.
Posted on 2004-03-09 07:45:12 by donkey
Hi Donkey,

I do appreciate your interest eventhough you don't use WinAsm Studio. No, I do not support help lookups for the newer HTML Help 2 format in the SDK. I 'll play with your suggestion asap. I may be asking too much, but a WinAsm Studio Add-In by donkey won't hurt anyone-feel free to ignore it!

Thanks once again for the information,

Posted on 2004-03-09 10:50:09 by akyprian
Hi akyprian,

Under normal circumstances I would love to do one but I have 2 huge projects I am working on right now (20,000 + lines each) and I am kind of swamped. Even with my exception handler I just passed the code off to Ketil to include in the flipcase addin. Also as I said I only code in GoAsm now, I still keep MASM around but rarely ever use it, but I would be glad to write the basic routines to lookup the keyword from WinHelpA/HTMLHelp1 and 2 if someone is interested in converting it to an addin, it would not be straying too far from my current project as it needs them anyway. I will assume that you pass the keyword as a pointer to a string and that I can get the help file command line from an INI file.
Posted on 2004-03-09 11:02:33 by donkey
2 Morris
But it is too old version. For me it is necessary referens all functions, switching and features WinXP.
Posted on 2004-03-09 15:01:34 by Alex BP
Alex, then you have no option but ditching the cruddy old win32.hlp and moving to PlatformSDK.
Posted on 2004-03-09 15:10:04 by f0dder
Hi akyprian,

Here's a quickly thrown together help system. It just looks for ExitProcess but can find any API, opcode or MASM32 directive. The INI file is fairly complete, the paths have to be properly set as they reflect my system but the general syntax for the INI is:

< this can be any unique section name
FILE=nType,Path < nType 0=HLP,1=CHM,2=HTMLHELP2,Path = file path or H2Viewer path (see example)
0=label1 < labels to be associated with this file
< This section is the default file path for items not found it should be the API reference

Anyway, this can be done alot better, maybe a quicker search but scanning 200 or 300 labels does not seem to take much time compared to opening the help files so I'm not sure you will want to.

The file is in GoAsm syntax so you will have to translate it, MASM isn't completely set up on my machine right now so I did not translate it.
Posted on 2004-03-09 17:39:59 by donkey

There was a typo in the INI file, not all of the FPU instructions would display the proper help file:

BTW I timed the find routine and it scans about 1500 items per second on my P3 700 laptop so it isn't that bad.

BTW the file uses x86eas.hlp as the opcode help file, you can download it from my webspace (340K)
Posted on 2004-03-09 23:28:46 by donkey
Hi donkey,

Thanks very much for everything. It seems that we all have the same problem here; our time is limited.

It would ne nice if somebody could make an Add-In based on the info submited by donkey.

Best regards donkey,

Posted on 2004-03-10 01:39:29 by akyprian