For those who are interrested by using the WinDbg (www.microsoft.com/whdc/ddk/debugging/default.mspx) and have windows XP, NT4 or 2000 :

- Download & install "Debugging Tools for Windows ? Beta Version"
- In WinAsm, set the file path of WinDbg (Tools/Options.../Miscellaneous)
- In WinAsm change the make option (Project/Properties.../Make options) :

Assemble, add /Zi. (final : /c /coff /Cp /nologo /Zi)

Link : add /DEBUG /PDB:app.pdb (final : /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /VERSION:4.0 /DEBUG /PDB:app.pdb) where 'app' is the name of your exec name.

Then, go debug !

If all works, WinDbg open your 3 windows (which one is the source). If not, open the source file in WinDbg (File/Open Source/File...)

To toggle breakpoint : F9


Posted on 2004-03-08 12:15:12 by golemxiii

Nice! Thanks for sharing knowledge and experience.

Posted on 2004-03-09 03:53:17 by akyprian
Greetings golemxiii,
Can you give any advice with regard to the use of scripts/command files with WinDbg?
Posted on 2004-12-18 15:54:07 by Poimander