Here's the story. The company gave me a HP/Compaq D220 for home use. First thing I did was a systrm restore from the factory CD, since it had all sorts of junk loaded that I'ld never use. So now it's virgin XP Home SP1a.

When I try to install the Cisco VPN client, Installshield starts, runs for a few seconds, then just quits. No message, nothing in the event log, not a clue... I found some tips on Google, but nothing helps. Any ideas?

Part 2 - I noticed the "Application Management" service wasn't started. This service "Provides software installation services such as Assign, Publish, and Remove". When I try to start the service I get a message telling me that a component can't be found. I dug up the entry in the registry, and it's looking for the APPMGMTS.DLL file. This file is nowhere to be found. I even looked in all the .CAB files on the OS CD.

Does Installshield need the Application Management service?

HELP! :(
Posted on 2004-03-08 16:52:57 by S/390
Well, I solved the problem. I trashed XP Home, and used 2K Pro. :grin:

Funny, I need 2 things to talk to work, the VPN client and the IBM 3270 emulator. Both failed to install on XP...

The 3270 install crashed with a JRE error. Isn't XP the first to use the Sun Java VM???

Both installed without a hitch on 2K.

Posted on 2004-03-24 22:04:10 by S/390
I have never run the Home version of XP, so I don't know. My XP Pro system has the DLL you're missing.

It is known that some network functionality is missing in the Home version.

And no, Sun Java VM doesn't come with XP. It comes with the .NET runtime framework. I have some Xilinx FPGA software that required me to download the Java 2 stuff before it would work.
Posted on 2004-03-25 15:57:41 by tenkey

Isn't XP the first to use the Sun Java VM???

I can't remember exactly what the JVM deal is on XP, but up to SP1 (not SP1a) the MS VM was still available. Also, you can still upgrade the MS VM if you find a copy of the MS VM redistributable somewhere. "I don't think" that XP ships or will ever ship with sun java, but you can download the SUN JRE yourself. And by golly it sucks bigtime, extremely slow and bloated.

Hm, does Sun JVM come with the .NET runtime framework? Hm.

Btw, a thing to keep in mind! You can disable the creation of "8.3" filenames on NT to improve filesystem performance a bit... I did this, since I don't need any old 16bit software - or so I thought! It turns out that some installers, notably crappy installshield, use a 16bit NE for their installer stub. Doh.
Posted on 2004-03-25 16:04:50 by f0dder