I want use 16bit dos asm code to write a window like windows.
but i don't know how to do it.guys who Great can give me some
Posted on 2004-03-11 08:50:21 by tomorrow
There are too many design considerations to be made when writing a windowing system. It all depends on your application's needs. An example would be too big to type up here, but you could use the Windows user interface for inspiration.
Posted on 2004-03-11 15:23:43 by Sephiroth3
Check SOLAR OS GUI code, my GUI is pretty much OOP and looks like windows

1)Try to convert from 32bts to 16bits...
2)You do not need boot / GDT/IDT and switch to protected mode
3)You do not need Keyboard/mouse driers (use BIOS/DOS)
4)You can use VESA to switchs resolutions and get a LFB for GFX

Loose some/win some ;)

I you really know what you are doing and want to do it ... i think it is easy
Posted on 2004-03-11 21:27:47 by BogdanOntanu
BogdanOntanu,Sice i Konw You Can write Os,i Think you a very Great man.

i am very interest in it ,but i am a beginer,Can you give me you Os and Code

to me! thank very much!!!
Posted on 2004-03-12 18:18:55 by tomorrow
1) I am NOT a great man...

2) The source code released under GPL and some screenshots/info are here:
or here

3)API Documentation is pretty scarce, i will try to improve that in the future

And of course i have a better version on my HDD, unreleased yet :grin: , working on it
if you need support let me know ;)
Posted on 2004-03-12 23:20:26 by BogdanOntanu