Hi all,

This is WinAsm Studio V3.0.0.6

What's new:

1.String Table: various fixes.

2.Under certain circumstances, String Table changes were not saved to the script. (Thanks Loveasm,BKSY)
Similarly for Included Files, Resources, Accelerator Table.

3.Shortcuts for "ToolBox" and "RC Options" menu items.

4.File-New File to create new files external to the current opened project. (Thanks Bi_Dark).

5.A small bug when Closing a project fixed.

6.Grid Background color of dialogs is now correct even when XP Style themes are used.

7.Proper Docking windows backcolor when XP Style themes are used (Thanks Qvasimodo)

8.Click on "Open project". Enter the name of an existing file, but not a project, but of any other type. WinAsm will try to open it as if it was a project file, and will not report an error; fixed (Thanks Qvasimodo)

9.When extracting resources there is a warning if something is not supported: Any resource that follows is not going to be extracted (Thanks Qvasimodo)

10.WS_THICKFRAME not shown in Dialog Styles List; Equ to WS_SIZEBOX (Thanks Qvasimodo)
WS_ICONIC not shown in Dialog Styles List; Equ to WS_MINIMIZE
WS_TILEDWINDOW not shown in Dialog Styles List; Equ to WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW
DS_3DLOOK not shown in Dialog Styles List; Obsolete, has no effect (Thanks Qvasimodo).

bug reports/suggestions always welcome,

Posted on 2004-03-13 09:20:09 by akyprian