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This is something I've noticed in Windows 2000 (sp4, but it should be in all) and it drives me insane. I think it's a bit of a flaw, but it's hard to tell because I don't know the internals that well. It could be the fault of the programs involved. Here it is...

To reproduce:
1. Have an icon in the system tray that requires a double click for the program to appear (and remove itself from the tray~the point being that the next icon I'll mention takes this one's place).
2. Have an icon in the system tray that requires a single click (for its program) to appear, one left of the aforementioned icon.
3. Single click the right icon. Nothing happens as expected.
4. Double click the right icon. It('s program) appears as expected, but the left icon's program will also appear!

So all in all it's as if you've clicked thrice instead of twice! I've been unable to time it such that only the single program from the right appears.

Anybody know what's happening?

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Posted on 2004-03-13 16:44:57 by matthew
I don't have this happen on WinXP, but the tooltip can get stuck behind the taskbar! Have you tried reproducing the flaw with multiple tray icons, or just a couple of programs?
Posted on 2004-03-13 18:21:41 by bitRAKE
I can't find any other programs on my computer that put an icon into the tray and then remove it on a double-click! They all stay in the tray. The specific apps I was testing with were Miranda (tray icon, single-click, stays) and Bit torrent experimental (tray icon, double-click, removes). I seem to remember the same thing might have happened with the windows updater tray, but maybe it was with bit torrent again (since the single-click app shouldn't matter).

No problem with my tooltips though.
Posted on 2004-03-13 19:04:45 by matthew
Hi Matthew,

I have Win2K SP4 as well and I have occasionally noticed the same problem, also there is a problem that popup menus in the system tray are not always dismissed properly. This appears only in Service Pack 4 from what I can tell, at least an identical SP2 configuration does not show the problem.
Posted on 2004-03-13 19:11:31 by donkey
in winxp i have problems where i right click and i cant get the popup menue to go away, i have to remedy the situation by clicking on the menus line delimiter if theres one present. and also with popup menus i go to click on one thing and the graphic shows i clicked the one i aimed for but insted the menue above it activates. dunno if any one else has these types of probs.
Posted on 2004-03-14 02:22:44 by Qages
I had the problem you two are describing, but I don't remember what application it was. Because not all my tray icons' menus do that. Right now, the C-Media mixer doesn't go away- nothing else. I can't recall from earlier service packs.
Posted on 2004-03-14 04:01:15 by matthew
I've had the "three-click" as well as the "menu won't go away" problems. The shell is probably the buggiest part of windows... but well, if I have to choose between a bugged shell and a bugged kernel, I know what I would choose ^_^
Posted on 2004-03-14 06:05:16 by f0dder
I was playing around with the tray and figured out the third click is from the release of the mouse button. So your double-click is 'hold button, release, hold button, release.' The last release counts as another click (I'm not sure which window message it uses). So if you 'hold button, release, hold button, drag mouse away from system tray, release,' it's a "normal" double-click. Odd.
Posted on 2004-03-25 19:21:46 by matthew