Guys Who kowns How to make a dos window Like this(use asm).
Posted on 2004-03-14 04:38:54 by tomorrow
whats so beautiful about it. It just shows some text in probably japanese or chinese, with samsung written between it.
Posted on 2004-03-14 05:14:58 by clippy
I didn't look closely at the app, but either it's using the standard vga 640x480 4bpp mode, or it's using standard textmode with reprogrammed font table to simulate graphics. The slowness of the GUI considered, I would guess it's the 640x480 vga mode.
Posted on 2004-03-14 06:31:15 by f0dder
in Chinese, 640x480 8-bit. You need to make some really easy functions for drawing -
vertical line, horisontal line, filled rectangle, dotted rectangle frame, and something like a Blt. The Blt will be used by the text functions, and is transparent, where black is optionally replaced with any color we want. There surely is a bitmap to hold a-zA-Z + all the used kanji, and this bitmap is bit-compressed - each kanji is fixed 16x16 in size, latin characters are smaller but also fixed-size - 7x16, 1px spacing. Bold text can be done by drawing the same text twice, with 1 pixel horisontal offset.
Consider the fact that no mouse is used, and you can't move the main window, and that it doesn't use a back-buffer for drawing- it has 2 routines - DrawButtons and DrawEverythingElse (I'm not sure if their names are the same :), but from the way the interface behaves, they exist).
It's a couple of hours' work including making the font stuff :)
Posted on 2004-03-14 07:59:27 by Ultrano

in Chinese ... all the used kanji

Just a note, the proper term would probably be "hanzi."

It's definately a snazzier interface than curses for almost anyone from the windows world.
Posted on 2004-03-14 15:05:50 by matthew
Hi Matthew,

I think the term Kanji is an anglicized version of KangXi, who was the emperor who ordered the compilation and categorization of the chinese alphabet into the 214 (?? I think) radicals. From that time on the KangXi compilation has been considered the standard hanzi implementation.
Posted on 2004-03-14 15:33:03 by donkey
what I've studied is that "kanji" in Japanese means "Chinese alphabet/symbols". I doubted they'll have the same name in Chinese, but I wrote it anyway :)
anyway, this wasn't the topic ^_^
Posted on 2004-03-14 15:45:50 by Ultrano
Well, it doesn't matter since as english speakers we'd probably say "japanese characters" and "chinese characters," but I'll explain it anyway as I know it.

In at least some chinese dialects, "hanyu" means chinese language. "yu" means language and "han" refers to the "han" people. So, "hanzi" is something like "chinese script." Kanji got taken into japanese by modifying hanzi. There is a similar story for the korean script's name.

I don't know if japanese people would refer to chinese words (as they appeared in a chinese sentence) as kanji or not. There are some other japanese words for referring to chinese characters so maybe.

Personally I like to refer to chinese characters as hanzi and the japanese kanji script as kanji, because kanji and hanzi might look the same but they're still different (plus other ppl in the know would know what you are referring to).
Posted on 2004-03-14 22:37:09 by matthew