Hi, Ketil,

Is there a problem to add

CONTROL "Header1", 101, "SysHeader32", HDS_BUTTONS | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 36, 56, 200, 10

to resource editor? I found this control in Borlands resource editor and I think it's normally supported

And a few question
1) Does radasm checks is file shown in editor up to date as it is on disk? It should check, as it is very annoying when changes in disk are overwritten by radasm.
2) Also radasm resource editor don't look for changes in rc file and overwrites manual changes when dlg file is saved.
3) Radasm should one in a while rebuild structure index as it's annoying refreshing manualy to see structure data member after code complete "." shows structure data members ( I thing one in 30s would suit me :) )
4) Could Radasm save dialog RC structure after editor is closed? I noticed it saves resource data only after save/all?

This one is very important
When Defining an icon in radasm dialog editor is real pain in the ass. Radasm doesn't supports 'Interpret caption as number'.

Here is my situation:

1) I place an image control in dialog, then select icon from directory - icon is displayed in editor, but when i link my application - its gone :),

I think it's becouse my dialog is in Project\dialogs and icon is in Procect\res directories and masm resource compiler failes to build resource index :(

ok, I try to do it in differently

I define icon:

and once again, radasm dialog editor failes to assign icon id correctly, as when I enter 500 in Icon property it saves as '500'.

Solvation - add one more property - 'Interpret caption as number' and save Image 'Icon' Property without quotes.

After removing quotes, dialog shows icon normally.

6) Could radasm separate dialog forms from other source files as it show my added asm files with dialog forms under one branch and it's not very handy

7) Once again - issue with several file linking:

I'll try to explain my sittuation deeply:

I have main.asm and other.asm files
other.asm file contains procedure foo and other.inc contains prototype foo PROTO
I include other.inc to main.asm and call foo from main.asm

Compilation is successfull, but linker says that i have unresolved external _foo@232... And when I write 'include other.asm' to main.asm - everything's ok :)
I hate such file inclusion :) I also noticed that masm example programs have build.bat (makefiles) files which do this kind of compiling/linking work. I think this should be of no problem to do such makefile in IDE :)

Ok, it should be enough for the moment. I'm waiting impationately for your answer :)

Regards, Ultrerior
Posted on 2004-03-16 01:15:29 by Ulterior
1. RadASM updates any files as necessary and saves any unsaved information on a build if you set the flag in "Code Editor Options", it will however verify the creation dates on modules before recompiling them.

2. The RC files created by RadASM are maintained by RadASM, you should not modify them. If you need to manually add items create a new RC. (Project - Add New - Rc file)

3. Version 2042 autoupdates the structure and proc lists

4. The Dialog RC structure is saved each time the dialog is modified

5. Use #500 not 500 to identify your image by resource ID number, that is a requirement of Windows. The image loaded from a file is simply a visual aide to help you place the image, it is not compiled into your program, you must still add it to resources. To add an image select "Resource" from the Project menu.

6. You can set up the groupings of different items from the project menu (Project - Project groups). Just create a Dialogs group and move your dialogs there by selecting the group and double clicking each dlg file.

7. You can use modules instead of including each file. Then assemble the modules and link them all. See the help file for information on using modules in RadASM.
Posted on 2004-03-16 01:39:59 by donkey
Thanks donkey, your answers are complete and very usefull :)
Posted on 2004-03-16 02:08:27 by Ulterior

How about

CONTROL "Header1", 101, "SysHeader32"

Posted on 2004-03-17 11:06:25 by Ulterior
Create it as a user defined control (UDC)
Posted on 2004-03-17 11:12:09 by donkey

This will add the header control to RadASM. You must add the following to RadASM.INI



Put this DLL in your \RadASM folder, note that the dialog preview has always had the functionality to preview this control so there is no change in that AddIn necessary. X05's Style Manager also fully supports the header control.

<See below for attachement>
Posted on 2004-03-19 03:06:02 by donkey
Hi Donkey



- Take the time to fill in the VERSIONINFO. Most important the description.
- Nice if you released the code.

Posted on 2004-03-19 03:45:32 by KetilO
Hi Ketil,

I did the versioninfo thing. I didn't bother with the source as it is very small, but I have included it...


hInstance DD 0
szClass DB "SysHeader32",0
szTipText DB "Header control",0
szCap DB "IDC_HDR",0
szName DB "IDC_HDR",0
icc DQ 3FFF00000008h

ccdef CCDEF <32768,offset szTipText,0,offset szCap,\
offset szName,offset szClass,050000042h,\


DllEntryPoint FRAME hInst, reason, reserved1
mov eax,[hInst]
mov [hInstance], eax
xor eax, eax
inc eax

GetDef FRAME nInx
invoke InitCommonControlsEx,offset icc
cmp D[nInx],0
jne >>.EXIT
invoke LoadBitmap,[hInstance],5000
mov [ccdef.hbmp],eax
mov eax,offset ccdef
xor eax,eax

What would be useful is an export that would visually initialize the control, that way it could be used to populate the control in the editor
Posted on 2004-03-19 08:59:01 by donkey