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Posted on 2004-05-27 08:05:06 by Biterider
Glad to see a positive outcome .. for the moment ?
Posted on 2004-05-27 08:53:26 by Homer

Just a small question :
When I have OOP_Init PRIMER_ONLY DEBUG then masm told that " conflicting parameter definition in HexDump" in .
But if I change name of HexDump to OHexDump then evrything ok. Have HexDump been called automatically in debug state ? If I changed HexDump macro name , whether it make effect to program ?
I'm using MASM SP1

Hello DreamWeaver,

Im sorry for such a late reply, but I now see the problem your addressing here. It stems from the fact that Hutch added to his MASM32.LIB in the latest Masm release a function called "HexDump". I wrote this function well before this new version of MASM32.LIB, but it was still part of the masm package itself (in VKim's debug libraries). I dont think it was an oversite either, as the VKim package that come with the latest version has its modified by renaming this function such it doesnt conflict.

Myself, I tend not to upgrade my Masm32 package too often cause i have my tweeked the way i like it ;) . However, i just did, and this problem came to the forground very quickly.

Since it would be more hassle to modify the MASM32.LIB, its probably best to modify the that comes with the ObjAsm32 package. Since i define the fucntion directly inside, i would suggest renaming it to "HexDump2". As well in the DumpMem macro (approximately line 1048) rename its invoke call to HexDump2.

This should fix your problem. Again, sorry for the delay on this, but we really didnt have any clue untill I upgraded to the Masm32 v8 package.

For the future releases, we are planning to develop a separete OOP debugging window, with OOP specific tools for debuging built in. This will hopefully keep this sort of problem from happening, as we will redesign from the ground up to produce a separate debug lib that works very similar to VKim's model.

Posted on 2004-05-28 01:15:25 by NaN