Hi, i just want to confirm this info, i am searching for the pin-out, wiring of a cable of the parallel port Male-To-Female, i want to use it with a scanner, but i bought the wrong cable, so i'm not able to test the pins by my own, cuz i don't have the cable, but if anybody there can confirm this please, i would aprecciate it too much... Thanks...

Parallel Port DB25-Female
pin assignment pin assignment
1 -Strobe 2 Data 0
3 Data 1 4 Data 2
5 Data 3 6 Data 4
7 Data 5 8 Data 6
9 Data 7 10 -Ack
11 Busy 12 Paper Empty
13 Select 14 -Auto Feed
15 -Error 16 -Init
17 -Slct in 18 GND
19 GND 20 GND
21 GND 22 GND
23 GND 24 GND
25 GND
Posted on 2004-03-18 06:00:17 by JaiKMw
Check this site, it helped me with getting some info on the DB25 and presented me some interesting fact about how the DB25 is layed out and saved me some frsutration :D
DB25 pinouts
Posted on 2004-03-18 11:11:12 by x86asm
Hey THanks Bro! :alright: , now i understand the difference between null-modm cable and the other, thanks again, but there's only one thing that i don't understand :confused: , in that page there ins't any reference to this:

PIN assignment
3 Data 1
5 Data 3

PIN assignment
4 Data 2
6 Data 4

Also, another question :tongue: , do you know which is the most common cable to connect a PC to a Scanner ?? :confused: :) Null-Modem ??
Posted on 2004-03-19 15:40:18 by JaiKMw