Hi akyprian,

i've just noticed a (very) little problem with WinASM.
- Open WinASM ( :grin: )
- Minimize it
- Right click on the WinASM taskbar button and choose close..
- Re-open WinASM
- Restore the window
- There is a sizing and/or refresh prb....
- Resize the WinASM window -> the prb is gone

any idea ?

Thanks for the support !!
Posted on 2004-03-19 07:35:44 by PhoBos

I 'll fix it, Thanks,


PS. It seems that it doesn't happen always; does it?
Posted on 2004-03-19 09:08:06 by akyprian
Unrelated, but still... don't use dithering when doing color reduction, it reduces the compressability of the image a lot :)
Posted on 2004-03-19 09:18:09 by f0dder
Hi F0dder,

Well, i didn't saw i was using a BMP... :grin:
I changed it to a jpeg one..

Posted on 2004-03-19 09:25:04 by PhoBos
Fileformat doesn't really matter (although gif/png is better for images of this type), it's the dithering that kills the compression... but oh well, not really important, sorry for interrupting :)
Posted on 2004-03-19 09:31:09 by f0dder