Hi Ketil,

A few questions about custom controls for RadASM. I was thinking about making my hyperlink a custom control and I need a bit of information.

1. How do I decide what the unique nType of the control is, does it have to be a power of 2 ?
2. The cursor for a class is not displayed in the editor, is this normal ?
3. Is there a callback to populate the control when displaying it in the editor ?
4. Properties list 1 and 2 have no equates, I have made my own are these accurate ?

LST1_WANTCR		equ 000000001h

LST1_AUTOSCROLL equ 000000002h
LST1_NOTIFY equ 000000004h
LST1_CLASS equ 000000008h
LST1_MENU equ 000000010h
LST1_FONT equ 000000020h
LST1_TABSTOP equ 000000040h
LST1_SIZEBORDER equ 000000080h
LST1_CHILD equ 000000100h
LST1_LOCKED equ 000000200h
LST1_TYPE equ 000000400h
LST1_MULTILINE equ 000000800h
LST1_WORDWRAP equ 000001000h
LST1_MNEMONIC equ 000002000h
LST1_ALIGNMENT equ 000004000h
LST1_AUTO equ 000008000h
LST1_DEFAULT equ 000010000h
LST1_SCROLLBAR equ 000020000h
LST1_CLIPPING equ 000040000h
LST1_VISIBLE equ 000080000h
LST1_ENABLED equ 000100000h
LST1_MINBUTTON equ 000200000h
LST1_MAXBUTTON equ 000400000h
LST1_SYSMENU equ 000800000h
LST1_BORDER equ 001000000h
LST1_CAPTION equ 002000000h
LST1_HEIGHT equ 004000000h
LST1_WIDTH equ 008000000h
LST1_TOP equ 010000000h
LST1_LEFT equ 020000000h
LST1_ID equ 040000000h
LST1_NAME equ 080000000h

LST2_UNKNOWN equ 000000001h
LST2_DIVIDER equ 000000002h
LST2_WRAP equ 000000004h
LST2_TOOLTIP equ 000000008h
LST2_AUTOSIZE equ 000000010h
LST2_AVICLIP equ 000000020h
LST2_WEEKNUM equ 000000040h
LST2_AUTOPLAY equ 000000080h
LST2_TIMER equ 000000100h
LST2_TRANSPARENT equ 000000200h
LST2_OWNERDRAW equ 000000400h
LST2_POPUP equ 000000800h
LST2_BUTTONS equ 000001000h
LST2_IMAGE equ 000002000h
LST2_INTHEIGHT equ 000004000h
LST2_STYLE equ 000008000h
LST2_EXSTYLE equ 000010000h
LST2_TOPMOST equ 000020000h
LST2_HIDESEL equ 000040000h
LST2_MULTISEL equ 000080000h
LST2_SETBUDDY equ 000100000h
LST2_ORIENTATION equ 000200000h
LST2_STARTUPPOS equ 000400000h
LST2_USETABS equ 000800000h
LST2_ICON equ 001000000h
LST2_GROUP equ 002000000h
LST2_SIZEGRIP equ 004000000h
LST2_FORMAT equ 008000000h
LST2_TABINDEX equ 010000000h
LST2_STARTID equ 020000000h
LST2_FLAT equ 040000000h
LST2_SORT equ 080000000h
Posted on 2004-03-19 16:56:45 by donkey
Hi Donkey

1. Only condition is that the number is not used by any other control. Numbers below 1000 are mine ane should not be used. Also if the dll has more than one control it will take a series of ID's.
2. Yes. The control is disabled.
3. Radasm sends a command (WM_USER+9999) to the control when it should be populated.
4. Acurate, but only a few are general and can be used by custom controls (see RadASMini.rtf).

Posted on 2004-03-22 02:10:33 by KetilO