I am using ver<latest>

I have included the masm32.inc and the masm32.lib

the procs in the masm32.inc don't appear in the CTRL+SPACE autocomplete.

Do I heed to enter the FULL PATH or something...?

Please help.
Posted on 2004-03-20 03:46:13 by shantanu_gadgil
please somebody...HELP

Sorry if I was unclear previously.

What I mean is that, after I include the "masm32.inc", should the procs like "BrowseForFolder" appear in the CTRL+SPACE autocomplete after the "invoke" keyword.
Posted on 2004-03-20 06:41:48 by shantanu_gadgil

You would have to add them to the keyword list. The autocomplete keywords and their parameters are held in a file called masmApiCall.api found in the \RadASM\MASM folder. This file is a simpel text file and you can open it using Wordpad or NotePad using "Open With". Virtually the entire Windows API is represented there but no 3rd party libs, in order to have what you want you would have to add them yourself. See the help file under "Customizing RadASM", the section of interest is "Editing the API and Message Files".
Posted on 2004-03-20 11:19:48 by donkey
YES !!! got it, thank you.
Posted on 2004-03-21 13:11:26 by shantanu_gadgil