I'm not sure about how to do it. Let's say I have this:


Sentence1 db "blablabla",0


Sentence2 db sizeof Sentence1+5 ; <= got a warning from compiler but it compils...

I'm not sure if it's right to do this. Can you show me how is the correct way to do it ?

If you wonder why i'm doing this, it's just for a lstrcat. I know that i'll have 5 bytes to concat to Sentence1

Thank you very much.

Regards, Neitsa.
Posted on 2004-03-22 01:35:21 by Neitsa

Sentence2 db (sizeof Sentence1+5 ) dup (?)
Posted on 2004-03-22 01:53:42 by roticv
Sentence2 equ sizeof Sentence1+5
Posted on 2004-03-22 05:17:29 by Mikky
Sentence2 db (sizeof Sentence1+5 ) dup (?)

Posted on 2004-03-22 08:32:28 by purpleendurer
Thank you very much !

Regards, Neitsa. :alright:
Posted on 2004-03-22 10:34:42 by Neitsa