hi ive talked about primes before, but i have a new question about the rabin tests i think there called. its a algo that finds 'possable' primes. i am wondering what the actual equasion looks like is for one, and a nother if it will make any speed difrence in my prime factoring program by removing x% of numbers that Are Not prime. let me explane more,im making my 32bit prime factor into 64 bits(MMX) now that i let it sit 9 hrs on my old cpu calculatin every prime from 2 to 0xFFFFFFFF, takes up about 500 megs of ram, i have 1 gig. it divides each odd number by every prime below and equal to the squareroot of the number. 64bit is poss bec sqrt(2^64) = 2^32 which i have all primes for below that. now with the rabin tests i want to elimanate x% of odd numbers to test and that % has to be high enuf that the clocks that it uses will be less than if i just did the divide and compare. BTW i know there are seivs out there, but those requre enormus amnts of ram to do reeeeeally high numbers, and im making this distrobuted.
so basicly what i need is just the equasion to it, then i can convert it into mmx by my self, or if you want to help go ahead.
Posted on 2004-03-22 21:53:02 by Qages