I read most of the "export table" search results here and they want to create a DLL that export the function by Ordinal.

I don't know why one would like to do that and if you know an article that tells about the good in doing this i'll read it more than once.

Meanwhile, whereas Kernel32.dll is well documented, i'm looking but couldn't find anywhere a list that tells for MFC42.dll (or another MFC) for each ordinal export what is the corresponding function.

Say for example: Ordinal 0801 is CString::CString constructor (example)

Is this available/possible ... ?


btw: reading the faq, i noticed the answer "Ick-zee-lian". Whereas this sounds very sweet to the ear, it can only be an English interpretation.

The Japanese alphabet is base of 5 vowels and a collection of diphtongs made by a consonnant and one of these 5 vowels, (r and L are the same, if you ever ordered some Chinese fLied Lice :) like this:

vowels: a i u(oo) e(eh) o
sa si su se so
ra ri ru re ro
ka ki ku ke ko
ma mi mu me mo
Take any sentence and you can decompose it to this, for example:
o hayo gosaimasu (means hello, hi, how are you, i just saw you doing something and have a nice go at what you're doing)

o - ha - yo - go - za - i - ma - su

so the "Ick" sound cannot be Jap. The word cannot be constructed using the alphabet. Same case if your name is Mark. The "Ma" is ok, but you have to choose a vowel to put after the r and the k, like Ma-ri-ko, which unfortunately is a girl's name :)
Posted on 2004-03-23 02:45:39 by iNoU