Hi all

RadASM is uploaded to my website.

If you update and keep your old ini files then you must manually edit them. See the included WhatsNew.txt file.

Whats new:
- Complete rewrite of code properties parsing.
- Code properties named scope ending can be made optional ($ endp ---> ? endp).
- Code properties auto refresh (Option/Code Editor Options/Code Properties/Auto refresh list).
- Better global structure name parsing (mystr MYSTRUCT <1,2,3>).
- Static controls can now have verticaly centered text.
- Improved hla support.
- Improved fasm support (use masm api files).
- Text drag and drop support.
- Project / Scan Project. Scans a Project for a word. Result to output.
- Added donkey's exception handler to FlipCase addin.
- Added option to hilite active line.
- Added debug path setup.
- Made file extention handeling more flexible for those who uses RadASM to edit other sources than assembly.
- Added include / includelib file listbox. You must update assembler.ini section
- Project wizard now has a template selection dialog.
- Project wizard now can have max 16 project types.
- Make menu can now have max 16 menu items.
- Included Donkey's DialogPreview addin.
- Made changes to Auto Brackets ( ).
- Added WebBrowser (KetilO) and Header (Donkey) custom controls.
- Added Donkey's RadFavs addin (favorite projects menu).
- Added Donkey's FontBuilder addin. Creates an initializised LOGFONT structure.
- Added Donkey's DragProp addins. Adds drag & drop capabilities to project explorer. Use it to add files or move file to different group.
- Multiple (private) api files (Call=masm\masmApiCall.api,masm\masmMasm32Call.api,masm\masmMyApiFile.api).

Posted on 2004-03-23 05:00:46 by KetilO
Thank you,

Posted on 2004-03-23 10:52:53 by BogdanOntanu
The stuff we need... :alright:
Posted on 2004-03-23 14:33:21 by cu.Pegasus
;) ....:grin:
Posted on 2004-03-23 19:57:23 by Bi_Dark
Posted on 2004-03-24 05:31:27 by dreamweaver
You have to refresh your browser, that is the old link cached. If it still fails after a refresh on the page then empty your cache and it will work. From the date code 02 23 2004, it is obviously from Feb 23, 2004.
Posted on 2004-03-24 06:02:18 by donkey
thanks , I fix to 03232004 and works ! ;)
Posted on 2004-03-24 06:44:42 by dreamweaver
Hi all

Here is a bugfix.

- Fixed a bug where RadASM would GPF if a code edit and a dialog edit window both are visible. The code edit must have focus and then moving the mouse over the dialog edit would cause a GPF.
- Made it possible to use run command in html project.

Posted on 2004-03-26 06:45:47 by KetilO
... and here is the zip.
Posted on 2004-03-26 07:57:48 by KetilO
Hi Ketil,

Feel free to laugh at this one as even I think it is probably way too much work and normally would not ask for something this huge but for GoAsm users it will soon be very useful. Do you ever plan on adding support for Unicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16) ? The reason I ask is that very soon GoAsm will be capable of compiling unicode files directly, as well as configuring itself for unicode based on the encoding of the source file. Also, when it is released I plan on updating the API includes to autoselect the proper functions based on the presence of unicode file encoding. I realize that the answer is going to be "too much work" but I figured I would ask anyway :)

For the purpose of GoAsm, it would be enough just to be capable of saving the file in UTF-8/16 format and being able to read it in either format.
Posted on 2004-03-28 04:54:18 by donkey
Hey Ketil

I've found a minor display bug when using the highlight active line option.

1. Open a new file
2. Press enter until line 10 is highlighted
3. Select and delete line 1, select by clicking in the number column
4. Select and delete line 3
5. Select and delete line 5
6. Now press Ctrl-z three times to get the lines back

Lines 2, 5, and 8 should be highlighted.

I'm running the latest RadASM patch

Keep up the good work :alright:

Posted on 2004-03-29 00:42:41 by Maelstrom
Hello KetilO
Thanks for your great work! :alright:
For aprox. a week I shutdown my PC without saving and I lost the last lines I typed. :(
I suppose you don?t handle the WM_QUERYENDSESSION message. You can intercept it to ask the user if he will save his work.


Posted on 2004-03-29 03:20:46 by Biterider
Hi Donkey

Full unicode support is too much work. Beeing able to load and save unicode files should not be too hard to do.

Posted on 2004-03-31 01:08:12 by KetilO
Hi Maelstrom

Thanks for bug report. I will look into it.

Posted on 2004-03-31 01:09:11 by KetilO
Hi Bitrider

Good idea!

Posted on 2004-03-31 01:09:57 by KetilO
Hi Donkey!
Recently I have added UNCODE support to the ObjAsm32 OOP stuff. Perhaps the ObjMem32.lib library and Ustrings.inc macros file can help you. Check this post: http://www.asmcommunity.net/board/index.php?topic=17620


Biterider ;)
Posted on 2004-03-31 01:24:42 by Biterider
Hi Biterider,

I use GoAsm and it fully supports Unicode at the assembler level, For example I can do this:

push L"Hello there"

and it will push the offset to the Unicode string, or

szString DUS "Hello",0

Also :

invoke MessageBoxW,NULL,L"This is the message",NULL,MB_OK

Jeremy will soon be adding the ability to format the strings and pushes based on the encoding of the file. I was hoping that RadASM could be modified to encode a file as Unicode. It can already load a UTF-16 file with the exception of not removing the FF FE at the beginning but is not capable of saving it in the same format.
Posted on 2004-03-31 01:32:36 by donkey
The Hi Donkey!
I mean exactly this functionality. Additionally the most usual string operations for ANSI, UNICODE and BSTR formats. I code if for MASM and the current version of RadAsm. The drawback is, that I use other names, but it can easily be changed. I say this only in the case it can help to overcome the time until RadAsm is adapted.

Biterider :cool:
Posted on 2004-03-31 02:18:20 by Biterider
Hi Biterider,

I have looked at your OOP package and it is exceptional work, NaN sent me some code that used it and I must say it is very readable and is a very powerful package. If I could bring myself to using MASM again I would only do it to have access to ObjAsm32.
Posted on 2004-03-31 02:29:36 by donkey
Hi KetilO, what about Radasm support Java.
Posted on 2004-03-31 07:05:01 by neverending