I had some troubles when I was writing some codes about the "SysTreeView32" common control.

I wanted to use colors I defined, but how could I return the value?

In the MFC code of "GHCutomDraw", the WM_NOTIFY use *pResult = CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW, it worked very well.
But when I used windows sdk , I return the CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW, the WM_NOTIFY didn't work.

My english is very pool. You may view the MFC code and the sdk code.

What I wanted to do was:

MFC code ---> sdk code

Thank you !
Posted on 2004-03-25 03:08:40 by seasea
This is MFC sample
Posted on 2004-03-25 03:09:17 by seasea
This is SDK sample
Posted on 2004-03-25 03:10:04 by seasea
Hello, I just want to use the method in the MFC program to draw the tree ctrl text in the sdk program.

Thanks !
Posted on 2004-03-25 21:22:04 by seasea