The microsoft .NET platform SDK (Beta 2) ships with a CHM file of the MASM Reference Manual. I just got the August shipment of MSDN Universal and installed the library and platform SDK and it's not here... so as far as I can see, it's only on Beta 2... look in the inded for keyword ML and it'll take you to the reference home page (but you must be inside the IDE when you do so, if you use the external viewer, you won't get there... that's weird... but...

Posted on 2001-11-06 22:57:42 by _Shawn
Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Don't know how those new help files work either? The external viewer has a namespace setup that excludes the masm docs. I couldn't figure out the namespace that the IDE uses. Would like to here about how if anyone knows?
Posted on 2001-11-06 23:40:05 by bitRAKE
There is a free set of tools at here
You can decompile chm files and recompile again with Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 4.1
Posted on 2001-11-07 07:18:07 by LaptoniC
I'll look into it later, but the IDE has filters that limit the namespace... look into it.. I'll bet they are a subset of the C++ compiler since they are tightly integrated with close information of the same...

Update 1: Well, it is in the C++ namespace. It's also not a chm file, you can't open it directly and there isn't a decompiler available for it (thus far). The .NET Platform SDK Viewer has the filter set only to .NET and samples. The IDE has the entire (collective references). You can edit the filters and add it if you with. In the VS.NET IDE, in the help menu, edit filters. Select VC++ and then take that string and add it to the filters for the external viewer and you should be able to reference it from without... however, that doesn't solve the problem of not everyone can view the hsx (not chm) files...

Posted on 2001-11-07 09:51:10 by _Shawn