This package provides some support for microsoft GDI+ library in masm32. The GDI+ API has some nice features: gradients, alpha blending, 2d graphics (curves, lines, splines), transformations, support for different image formats (BMP, GIF, JPEG, Exif, PNG, TIFF, ICON, WMF, EMF) - for more information.

As we somehow lost interest in the project it seems to be a good idea to share some results with masm32 community with strong hope to see further development. Feel free to use, modify and add things as soon as you agree to share your findings with the masm32 community and improve this project.

All you need to compile the examples with masm32 is in \includes+lib plus you may need to download gdiplus.dll (~2MB) from if your OS is way outdated.

We used Patrice Terrier PowerBasic include files and microsoft C++ headers (included in this package).


profi_r, keyMax, xzazet &
Mar 2004

PS: We didn't mean to release the project in the current state but as noone touched it for a very long time - we set it free anyway to get some new blood into it. So be prepared for some crashes ;)
Posted on 2004-03-25 18:07:18 by xzazet