Here I already left two times of the message, but to me and have not answered!!!!
Give me though any link!!!!
Any retrieval system can not find it(him)!!!
Please help me!!!!
Posted on 2001-11-07 04:00:45 by Anorak
Posted on 2001-11-07 05:34:29 by Thomas
Thanks but i already have a source of ping on C++
i have just one question :
how can i shove the return value of gethostbyaddr(gethostbyname)in variable of type hosten!
I can not find this source on asm anywhere!!!
please help me!!!
Posted on 2001-11-07 13:27:11 by Anorak
There was a good example at the old board but it seems to be down..
Well gethostbyaddr returns a hostent structure, which looks like this:

struct hostent {
char FAR * h_name;
char FAR * FAR * h_aliases;
short h_addrtype;
short h_length;
char FAR * FAR * h_addr_list;

The h_addr_list member is a pointer to a list of pointers to addresses of length h_length....
h_addr_list is called h_list in the masm includes btw. So first you get the h_list member of the hostent structure.
Now you have a pointer to a list of pointers (terminated by a NULL pointer). Each pointer points to a host address, which is just the IP address in network byte order ( = db 01, 02, 03, 04 in memory). You can simply get the first host like this:

;assumes eax points to hostent struct
mov edx, (hostent ptr [eax]).h_list ;get list pointer
mov edx, dword ptr [edx] ; get first pointer from list
mov eax, dword ptr [edx] ; get the actual IP
; eax contains first IP address in list now

To get the other IPs if there are any, the second line has to be changed to , , etc until you get a null-pointer.

Posted on 2001-11-07 14:21:16 by Thomas
maybe i'am so stupid?
there are no errors but it didn't works
here is the source:

IPINFO struct
Ttl BYTE ?
Tos BYTE ?
IPFlags BYTE ?
OptSize BYTE ?
Options BYTE ?

Source DWORD ?
Status DWORD ?
DataSize BYTE ?
Reserved BYTE ?
pData DWORD ?
ipInfo IPINFO <>

icmpEcho ICMPECHO <>
ipInfo IPINFO <>

HostIP db "",0
hFile HANDLE ?
iaDest in_addr <>
pHost hostent <>
dwAddress DWORD ?
messcapt db "Message",0
mess db "Host is up and running",0
Ping proc

invoke inet_addr,addr HostIP
mov iaDest.S_un.S_addr,eax

invoke gethostbyaddr,addr iaDest,sizeof in_addr,AF_INET

mov edx, (hostent ptr ).h_list
mov edx, dword ptr
mov eax, dword ptr

mov dwAddress,eax

invoke IcmpCreateFile

mov hFile,eax
mov ipInfo.Ttl, 255
mov ipInfo.Tos, 0
mov ipInfo.IPFlags,0
mov ipInfo.OptSize,0
mov ipInfo.Options,0
mov icmpEcho.Status,0

invoke IcmpSendEcho,hFile,addr dwAddress,0,0,addr ipInfo,addr icmpEcho,sizeof ICMPECHO,1000
mov iaDest.S_un.S_addr,offset icmpEcho.Source
.if icmpEcho.Status==TRUE
invoke MessageBox,NULL,addr mess ,addr messcapt,MB_OK
invoke IcmpCloseHandle,hFile
xor eax,eax
Ping endp
please find here errors!
Posted on 2001-11-07 14:47:45 by Anorak