this is a quickie,
I finally decided to use the nrandom from masm32 ( nan & bitrake algo ) but i am not satisfied with the distribution .
Some numbers rarely come out, whereas some others repeativly show up ! The seed !?

What i do is init the call with a gettickcount and then just call the func.
I just want your ideas about this , how to make an even distribution!
Posted on 2004-03-29 09:16:07 by Ray
Use a Mersenne twister, it is the best for even distribution I have seen yet. You can find an example of one here :

You have only to copy and paste the Randomize and RandM functions. Franlou translated the code to MASM syntax in the Algos section here, but I have not tested it against mine :
Posted on 2004-03-29 09:19:43 by donkey
Hi donkey,!
i will check that algo:)
Posted on 2004-03-29 10:40:49 by Ray