Hi all
How to get keyboard event from textbox.
Example : When i type some string to one textbox, i want it auto insert whatever i typed in this textbox to another textbox in the same time
Posted on 2004-03-30 02:20:38 by neverending
Thes could help you 'The EN_CHANGE notification message is sent when the user has taken an action that may have altered text in an edit control. Unlike the EN_UPDATE notification message, this notification message is sent after the system updates the screen. The parent window of the edit control receives this notification message through a WM_COMMAND message. '


'The WM_CHAR message is posted to the window with the keyboard focus when a WM_KEYDOWN message is translated by the TranslateMessage function. The WM_CHAR message contains the character code of the key that was pressed.'



Posted on 2004-03-30 02:29:31 by Eternal Idol Birmingham
Thank you!
You helped me alot, i've done this
Posted on 2004-03-31 07:32:48 by neverending
No problem, you are welcome.

Posted on 2004-04-01 08:01:31 by Eternal Idol Birmingham