After seeing the HTML support in RadASM, I wondered whether RadASM can be configured for anyhing one wants, in my case NSIS (the installer :) ).

I went through the HELP file and have tried real hard !!! :). Initially, the problem *seemed* quite achievable...worked on for an hour or so and still poof ! , nothing.

The main problem is the triggering of the autocomplete, there is no keyword like "invoke", so how do I do it. This is just one of the few problems... :)

Could somebody help me ???

If you need help with NSIS, I can help.

On another topic, how about an installer for RadASM, using NSIS of course !!!

Anybody game for that ?
Posted on 2004-03-31 14:45:40 by shantanu_gadgil
Hi shantanu_gadgil,

I am seeing more and more requests for support of this langauge or another. I think that it would be a bad idea for RadASM to loose its focus as an IDE for assembly language. You can set up syntax hiliting for NSIS without much trouble but for autocomplete to work there must be a trigger.

I started a NSIS script generator (install maker) before I lost my hard-drive but unfortunately no longer have the source code. It is a large and complicated project but is something that would be useful, I may start it again one day. However I doubt that I would attempt a script format again, preferring to make a custom format for the installer that more completely integrates into RadASM.
Posted on 2004-03-31 16:32:02 by donkey
OK, see the point about losing (YES, the word is *lose*, not *loose* :) :) hee hee) focus.

Regarding NSIS, syntax highlighting was not on the top of my mind as much was autocomplete, so I'll just drop the idea !!!

You said "I started a NSIS script generator (install maker)..." and after that I am totally confused by "I doubt that I would attempt a script format again, preferring to make a custom format..."

What do you mean "custom format...integrates into RadASM", some installer you will write or what ?

What I meant by an installer is that...
use NSIS to build an installation of RadASM so the hassles of unzipping and creating shortcuts can be avoided.

Optional shortcuts on desktop etc. can be done too !
Posted on 2004-04-01 14:10:17 by shantanu_gadgil