Is it possible to monitor the current upload/download speed on a computer (like DU Meter ) ?
Posted on 2004-03-31 14:54:09 by Delight
Well, obviously it is, otherwise DU meter couldn't do it :P

It should be fairly simple on NT, have a look at fellow swede Mikael "Fluff" Klasson's "watshit" at . It's C code and semi-messy, but it shows how to deal with the performance data.

For 9x, I have no clue whatsoever.
Posted on 2004-03-31 15:10:49 by f0dder
Oki, thanks f0dder.
Posted on 2004-04-01 01:57:12 by Delight
check out the GetIfTable function, it gives transfered bytes from all available network devices, you can easily build a meter from this data. Works well with any windows OS!
Posted on 2004-04-01 04:14:29 by beaster
Sounds interesting, Beaster. I'll see what I can do (the watsit C-source is a bit too messy for me to understand anyway :P).

edit: I solved it :) I found a very simple C-example I could use, thanks again.
Posted on 2004-04-01 11:37:33 by Delight
That sounds pretty cute, beaster - never heard about it!

Delight, could you post the URL to the simple snippet? Google might return something fast, but would be nice to get the exact same thing as you :)
Posted on 2004-04-01 12:19:13 by f0dder
I'm using this and a one-second-timer. When I get the WM_TIMER message, I subtract the new value with the old to get bytes/second:
Posted on 2004-04-01 13:48:23 by Delight