Is it possible to use the resource as a .RC file

What I mean is...can it done that, for any dialog, the .RC file can itself be the part of the project, no .DLG file ?
Posted on 2004-03-31 15:16:56 by shantanu_gadgil
Am I being confusing, or am I being confusing :) :)

What I mean it possible to render the .RC file directly into the visual editing mode ???
not a RC file which includes another rc file from asubdir.

No .dlg files !!! Can it be done ???

Something like what WinASM does...I think ! :(

Also, is it possible to keep the WS_??? and the different styles as they are without converting them to numbers ? The MS VC++ resource editing tool manages that !?!? :)
Posted on 2004-04-01 14:19:05 by shantanu_gadgil
I don't understand; why would you want this?

Anyway, i suppose you use microsoft resource compiler; then have a look here.
To answer the later question; try something like this...

#define		WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES	0x10

Posted on 2004-04-02 06:33:25 by Cuby

I know and don't want to use M$ RC.

What I mean is...something like ResEd (by KetilO)

Keep the .RC itself in the project. No messing with .DLG files and a RC file which includes other RC file(s).

Again... something like ResEd (by KetilO). Is it possible ???
Posted on 2004-04-02 12:56:52 by shantanu_gadgil
Copy the RC file to your project folder then add it to the main project RC, it will not be modified:

#include MyRc.RC
Posted on 2004-04-02 13:10:03 by donkey
what ??? :( :(

There is some confusion, I think. :(

All I wanted to ask was is possible to have the .RC file in the project and when the user doubleclicks this .RC file, the inerface switches to a visual mode (like the current thing for .DLG files)

So I don't need to have:
xyz.dlg <---
...and this xyz.rc further includes more RC files (for menus, versioninfo, etc) !!!

All I would need is:

This xyz.rc will have all the different resources in itself(the menus, verinfo, etc).

Would this make parsing the RC file real slow ??? :(

And the current broken up method better ?
Posted on 2004-04-03 14:51:47 by shantanu_gadgil
RadASM uses DLG file format to generate the RC files on the fly. There is no facility to open an RC file directly and view the dialog, you can only see it as text. It is not something that Ketil is likely to add as it is very complicated, I know I once tried to write one and it would essentially require a complete rewrite of RC.EXE, that is after all the RC compiler's only function. If you need to create a DLG file you can extract the dialog from the executable using Res2Dlg.

You can alternatively write an AddIn that will do it for you if you want, it is a big job though and one that I am not very interested in doing as I can't see the advantage. Actually, for most of the stuff you ask for you might think about writing an addin rather than have it added directly to RadASM, the addin interface is very powerful and you can do just about anything with it.
Posted on 2004-04-03 15:45:19 by donkey
writing an AddIn myself is a way off distant possibility...

I felt it necessary because if I manually edit the "Res/xyzDlg.rc" file the changes are not reflected in the DLG file.
Posted on 2004-04-04 15:13:47 by shantanu_gadgil