could it be done?
upto some date. With updating for instance once per month?
Posted on 2004-03-31 16:56:03 by The Svin
I've looked into it, but the problem is sheer size :/ (of the messageboard)

Also I'm not too sure about how to handle attachments with that format.
Posted on 2004-04-01 02:36:56 by Hiroshimator
I was thinking in some, but that will need read a little the codes of the board ;).

Have a nice day or night.
Posted on 2004-04-01 07:33:25 by rea
In the anterior post I only put the idea of "that will need read the codes of the board", trying to answer what can be a option I choose answer here instead of the board in a .chm .

What I think can be a option, is like I say in the past, an app that connect directly (or a plugin... but I want one for mozilla :P), I think an app is best option.

This app will connect here, to the server, and identificate it, use the search features, It necesarily only will get the headers (or titles) for a specific section of the board.

But how will be identificated and in case that you have for example: subscribed threads can request them?.

The key is extract the functions that the board already have, I supose connect, identify, search, etc, the necesary, that is for what I say that you... or we need read the codes of the board, extract the funtions, see if they need be modificated for answer to a diferent application of a web navigator. I supose that the functions for answer and suchs things can be extracted to, but need be modificated maybe.

When you find a header, then you can download the content, also is probable that you whant download only the first 5 answers and see if really the topic like you....

ok, that is the application, that need connect to the server, but what about the server side?

it need answer this request that the application will do:

* identify (if necesary) (two arguments: name, pwd) *
* request new topics (no arguments.. because the server know the day)
* Search ( 5 arguments with options: by name(exact, not exact), words, section, specially the anteriors)
* browse (actual dir)
(* reply) *
* download (the topic)

Also see that the application need handle the answer... correctly.
See that all can be manipulated like a text based, this is the request and answers, when the application (at 'user side') have the topic, it can scan all the references (links), and see who start with the base url = http://www.asmcommunity.net/board/ and mark the topic with attachements, or external links, also can question you, if you whant download the attachments or not, see that if you not download the attachment, the link to the attachment, keep untouched, this is with the link to http://www.asmcommunity.net/board/attachment?id=666 if you open this thread for a second time the app will question if you whant download at your side, when you answer yes, when the download complete, it will modify the url, for a partial address in your computer.

See that is not necesary that at server side handle the attachments, because you can get directly the address. Not like the ones that depend on the database and php. Also use the features of the database will be ok, instead of use a copy all the site, you can request specifics topics or forums, specific downloads (attachments, images, avatars)

If hiro can do the * almost the middle of the job is done.... I think.

* this are marked, because is only necesary identify you, when you will reply, or request the subscribed threads.
Posted on 2004-04-02 07:52:14 by rea