Have any of you seen vmware?

It's a virtual workstation for windows, if you have Windows 2000 or NT 4.0+... that lets you run all versions of windows or DOS or linux in "virtual workstations" for testing deployment of your application. You can run them all similtaneous... it's really cool... it could be useful for writing a program and testing on various platform and catch a few glitches here and there...

Posted on 2001-11-07 23:43:26 by _Shawn
We used it at school. It works well. You can even install Linux on a virtual machine without problem.
Posted on 2001-11-08 02:15:11 by Dr. Manhattan
Too bad there's no built-in debugger. Then it would have been
awesome. As it is now, it's only mildly useful, imho.
Posted on 2001-11-08 05:29:57 by f0dder
Bochs has a built-in debugger, so it's ideal to test your own OS (you have to re-compile it to have the debbuger).
VMware is much better in virtualizing devices.

PS: I think its www.bochs.org
Posted on 2001-11-08 08:55:51 by GogetaSSJ4
http://bochs.sourceforge.net/ . And it emulates everything so it's
sorta slow (sorta OK though). But there's a few bugs here and there,
and the built-in debugger is very clumsy.
Posted on 2001-11-08 08:59:23 by f0dder
The absense of a built-in debugger doesn't make it useless or reduce it's worth, although the presence of one would increase it's worth.

For all the people writing IDE's or other tools on this board who have it working on Win98 but then people on Win2k or some other have problems, then the IDE/Tool creators make remarks like "I don't have that OS to test with" proves how useful something like this would be...

Posted on 2001-11-08 09:37:30 by _Shawn
If they don't have the OS, they can't run it under vmware...
Also, vmware only runs under linux and nt/2k.
Posted on 2001-11-08 09:44:00 by f0dder
Well, for those who have Win2k, it can be useful. Better than nothing, or something else that's has many quirks and probly not as good as having 5 machines to do tests on 5 different machines, but more realistic... :grin: I only have a few PC's... running win98/2k... I'm staying away from XP

Posted on 2001-11-08 11:23:01 by _Shawn
I never heard of VMware before your post. It sounded like
something I needed to try. It was almost painless to setup
and it works great ! I placed this post from a virtual Win98
machine running on a Win2K host. This is too much fun :)
Next I'll finally try out this linux stuff I keep hearing about.
Thanks for the info !
Posted on 2001-11-09 21:29:28 by anon