Recently I have a friend that went to work literally in the other side of the world. Because of it, the only way for me to comunicate (or for him) is via the computer. However that does mean that someone must be on the computer in order to answer the call. That also mean (for him) that he wont be able keep in touch with people here that dont have a computer conection

Since I have a DSL and a modem, I wonder if there is a program that can make the machine use the modem to dial to my cell phone (or other ones in a list) and then use the computer as a relay of the conversation over the internet.

If there isn't, at least I want to know if its possible and, if it is, where to get the information to do it.

Posted on 2004-04-03 15:46:16 by Xanatose
There are companies that do that sort of thing for a fee, don't think it's as simple as all that.
Posted on 2004-04-03 15:49:44 by donkey
Voice over ip is cool but beware or U will be rip off. or when abusing there services
When Vonage says unlimited, then mean unlimited, EXCEPT for abusing their faxing and call transfer, also Packet8 records everything already and it might fuck up and play it back later. If you have it, get rid of it...,aid,115468,00.asp

Also don't be with :stupid: The FBI are wanting the abiliity to tap VOIP phones
Posted on 2004-04-08 02:13:50 by Tweak
Thanks for the repplies

What I really wanted is


for client:
DSL connection
full duplex sound card.

for server:
DSL connection
voice modem compatible with TAPI


1. Person conects via the pc to server it used his machine mike and speakers.

2. The server authenticates the user (something as simple as a user/password)

3. If everything is alright the server present the user a list of numbers that he can call to.

4. The user selects the number he wants and send the answer to the server.

5. The server, using its voice modem, calls the number.

6. If there is a busy signal or a number or rings have passed the server aborts and tells the user to try again later.

7. Otherwise the server begins transmiting the audio trough the DSL and the modem.

8. When the call finishes or the connection goes dead the server terminates the call.

Since there is

voice mail software
wich gets audio from the modem
and puts audio to through the modem

And There is

Internet Phones
which transmits voice over the internet.

It should be possible to do this. Which means

- No aditional phone charge if the calls are local to the server. (Since the phone line and DSL is already paid up for other uses,
- No 3rd man listening to your conversation (if you use encription), at least no ordinary eavesdropper.

I know that is possible. I can use some code at sourceforge to provide the internet phone part, but I dont have enough TAPI knowledge to say that I can make the program on a given ammount of time. Thus Im trying first to find if someone have already done what I want., if not then its experiment time :)
Posted on 2004-04-08 15:46:13 by Xanatose