i have run Norton Disc Doctor. App started and message shown on my screen.

"Error on hdd 3 -- An extended partition is invalid and it's probably unaccesible.
Correct this situation if you are unable to access partitions on hdd 3
Do you wish to correct this problem"

*click* Yes

"The extended partition chain on hdd 3 is invalid.
Do you want N D D to search for extended dos partitions and rebuild the partition Table?"

*click* Yes

after loooong checking N D D appered with messagebox that work was finished. But i have got still the same problem and still the same messages when i start N D D.

btw im only interested in data on my FAT32 partitions
Posted on 2004-04-12 11:27:08 by AceEmbler
i have just run PartitionMagic Demo --> PartitionInfo.

and message tells me
"Disk Geometry error(s) were detected on this drive"

and my disk appears as 130 GB instead of 160 :O


Warning: Logical drive chain points to sector without partition table.

ucEndCylinder (19457) must be less than 16709.
Info: Partition didn't end on cylinder boundary.
ucEndHead expected to be 254, not 80.
Posted on 2004-04-12 12:01:48 by AceEmbler
I would recommend getting a real data recovery program - GetDataBack seems to work pretty well.
Posted on 2004-04-12 12:07:09 by f0dder
My BIOS tells me that i have 130 GB not 160 (my disk is 160). Isn't it sign that my hdd is physically broken and no software will repair it??
Posted on 2004-04-12 16:11:48 by AceEmbler
It sounds like something is wrong, anyway... but hm, isn't 137GB one of the "harddisk size barriers"? There's been a whole bunch of these during the times, and they have been extended various ways.
Posted on 2004-04-12 16:12:58 by f0dder

It sounds like something is wrong, anyway... but hm, isn't 137GB one of the "harddisk size barriers"? There's been a whole bunch of these during the times, and they have been extended various ways.

Well as i remember it was 160 in my BIOS before this accident.
Posted on 2004-04-12 17:14:33 by AceEmbler
Please if you can do things below :
Suppose your electric source is stable and mainboard power cable tight .
Unplug and try plug tight power cable and data cable on your HDD . And check your BIOS setting about LBA / Large HDD support . Detect it again . In needed , manual edit HDD information ( cylinder ,head, sector ,lba ..) in BIOS ( HDD information must on your HDD surface )
If not works , the best way is run to your best friend who has computer too ( and for sure is his mainboard newer than yours ) , kick him out of chair , unplug his HDD power cable and plug your HDD to his machine and test , after that if possible , try to recover HDD with tools ( NDD , PM , GetDataBack .... ) above and then convert all to NTFS .
If your friend has >=160GB HDD , you can check your BIOS use his HDD.
If his HDD detect good and your HDD fail , hmm plug all things again to your case , bring that case to your mainboard manufacturer and ... told them their mainboard has problem , must solve it urgently or their shop will be bombed .

btw could you please provide your computer specification ?

BTW , I don't hear anything bad about Western Digital Caviar at least in my place . When Seagate has tradition is bad sectors , oh no they always has bad sectors ...
Posted on 2004-04-13 10:00:36 by dreamweaver
I DONT BELIVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!.

I have got problems with my second hdd (where my second OS was my asm stuff and everything very important).

First i couldnt start the OS so i toke 4GB disk with win98 and checked what heappened. There were 3 partitions on my computer one with win98 (4GB) and another two with the same content (clone attack):sweat:. I toke this 20GB hdd and go to my work, when i pluged it in and turn on my second mashine disk in windows was seen as 10 MB :sweat: FAT12 :sweat: <--- in fdisk, i tried to rebuild mbr and Partition Table but with some progs it shows that all is fine (but it is not cuz it's still 10 MB with FAT12) some app as PM shows correct FAT32 and size 20GB but when i try to check errors, ERROR:"Partition contains open files. Use the operating system check utility"

Maby i have some dreadfull viri somewhere. Two Hdd in such a short time is kind of catastophy.

Jessus im tired i tried 7 hours to solve this F**** SHIT. :mad:

I hope something good will met me in near future :confused: :notsure:

btw do you know any app to manualy edit and see content of mbr and partition tables ???
Posted on 2004-04-14 14:45:06 by AceEmbler
Before you do any additional damage by trying to repair things, get a decent recovery app. GetDataBack, http://www.runtime.org/, works pretty well and has saved me. It can scan the entire drive for valid filesystems, it doesn't need to see partitions (although that of course helps a lot). Yes, you will need a big drive to recover data to, DO NOT EVER TRY TO DO IN-PLACE REPAIR!!!

By the way, you wouldn't happen to run WinXP, have a video card with ATI drivers, and have set your memory performance options to "system cache" instead of "programs"? (LargeSystemCache:DWORD=1 in the memory manager settings).
Posted on 2004-04-14 14:55:03 by f0dder
Oh :eek: :eek:

f00der right , get data back first with GetDataBack , oh my , nice name ;) .

Just recommend some antivirus tools to do after f00der's steps :
BKAV antivirus - Free and good .
Use English interface to scan disc .

DiskEdit :
www.runtime.org has Disk Explorer , seems it good when GetDataBack is good.

Recommend make a WinPE bootable disc for all case .runtime.org has all plugin needed.
Recommend make another DOS bootable disc include DOS version of a scandisk utility (Scandisk from Win) , fdisk,
HDD partition and recovery tools ( NDD, PM for DOS , GDB for DOS if have , SpinRite )
Don't worry Ace Embler ,sunshine after rain , so you don't worry .
who know , you will be more hardware professional after this event and we will see
"Lost'n' Found service from Ace Embler , guarantee 100% get your data back "
:grin: :grin:
Posted on 2004-04-14 23:12:36 by dreamweaver
Be careful with scandisk, it can easily destroy more data than it can rescue. chkdsk from NT is okay when you're running NTFS because it's journalling, but I would be very careful with other 'standard' tools. Old Norton Disk Doctor (did they do any versions after the the DOS ones?) will probably also cause more mayhem than it will fix. Again, the idea is to avoid "in-place" fixers like the plague, and use 'real' recovery tools and recover to a separate harddrive / partition.
Posted on 2004-04-15 00:33:27 by f0dder