Today I found some more errors in RadASM....besides the project groups adding/editing/removing still doesnt work on my configuration :grin: ... Double clicking the splitter (raedit control) will make the program crash.
Second, I noticed errors are often not hilighted? This wasn't like this before...

When are the "messages" coming back? I kinda feel nostalgic about them.
Posted on 2004-04-06 18:55:05 by Milos
Hi, i found a bug too
*Create Project Addin cause Win9x Crash. (I think may be longfile name problem)
*When i open one .ASM file , click to Refresh --> all item gone away
Posted on 2004-04-06 23:21:29 by neverending
The crasch was due to lack of register preservation in the DlgProc. Attached an updated CreateProject.dll
Posted on 2004-04-07 13:56:50 by minor28
While I was trying to edit some text files using the hex editor I found one more thing. If you try to replace string "A" with string "DA" for example, the replacement will go to infinity by processing the newely added element. I didn't try if this happens in RAEdit too but sure is a problem in another program - FRHED as well :(
Posted on 2004-04-07 14:22:46 by Milos
Thanks for bug-reports. I will try to fix them as soon as possible.

Posted on 2004-04-13 02:31:45 by KetilO