Hi Ketil,

I noticed that when I add a new asm file to the project and then immediately write a proc inside the first line, then the ToolWindow helper doesn't pop up after invoke or . for structs. The ToolWindow ( for that whole file ) works only when I leave the first line blank.

Hope this is as understandable as I intend to. (bet it isn't though :tongue: )
Posted on 2004-04-06 19:06:05 by JimmyClif
Hi JimmyClif

Can't get this bug to happend. What assembler / OS are you using.

Posted on 2004-04-13 02:16:19 by KetilO
Windows XP using Masm.

Hum, I just tried again, and invoke seems to work, but the structures still won't do it.

Try the following:

Open an existing project.
Add New source/asm file.
Type following:

test proc

mov rect.
test endp

Now If the first line is empty the structures thing won't pop up, else all is fine.
Posted on 2004-04-13 07:22:14 by JimmyClif
Hi JimmyClif

Thanks for your bug-report. I will fix it soon.

Posted on 2004-04-13 07:26:17 by KetilO