Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a long time for a short source code for
TASM to open and close the comport under win32.

DOS is working fine, but somehow WIN doesn't work.

Has anyone something to help me?

thx in advance:( :(
Posted on 2001-11-08 13:30:51 by Maestro3
Windows is a completely different world from DOS.
Check out CreateFile,ReadFile,& WriteFile in your
Windows API Help, or visit MSDN and look at the
Platform SDK online.
Posted on 2001-11-08 16:19:37 by anon
There seems to be a few threads about this lately.
Do a board search, I believe an URL was posted to a package
that makes port I/O easier under win32.
Posted on 2001-11-08 17:33:09 by f0dder