heres the story:

i ve got a usb mp3 player (i posted a thread earlier to know if somebody knew the TCC730 chip but noone seemed to), and its firmware is upgradable, but noone has the tools to develop one or customize things (screen etc)

the font of the characters can be uploaded to the device in case it gets corrupted, so i have only on font file.
i have been able to figure out how the character fonts are stored in this file.
the file is about 2Mb big, i think it s for all the unicode chars.

but thats not the problem.

i edited the first 256 chars (ascii chars) and i ve been able to make my player display small pics instead of mp3 filenames by renaming mp3 files to 'abcdefgh.mp3' and so on.

but i want to use all the ascii table (and maybe other unicode chars , would be great!) for storing graphics, or to use only the upper 128 chars in order to leave normal letters and numbers display properly.

so my problem is(at last):i want to create files that have those ascii chars in their names.
i ve made a program that writes the names of these files in a .txt file, and then i copy-paste the names when i create the file, but it seems the files created dont have the right chars.

even in dos times the upper 128 chars were not well defined, but now with unicode its a real mess.

when i copy-paste the file names in different editors, i get different symbols.

does anyone know more about the filenames storing, what chars you can use, if its ascii or unicode, etc?

how can i efficiently create files whose names contain those chars?

when i edit the file where the fonts are stored, i see other european chars in the upper part of the ascii table, no semigraphic things, etc.

can someone help me?
also,it seems one can create files with much more characters than the ascii in their names, under windows.
if i could use these, i would have a hugle space for storing my graphics!

i think my device ff is fat12 (!)
Posted on 2004-04-09 15:12:32 by HeLLoWorld