When mouse cursor is moving over form, current cursor position (0,0 = left upper corner of the form) is displaying in statusbar. But when cursor is over button on that form, displaying is stopped.
How to pass MOUSEMOVE msg to the button's owner form (to display coordinates all the time)?
Posted on 2004-04-10 06:31:15 by Deli
Uses the mouse hook.
Posted on 2004-04-10 06:41:24 by purpleendurer
Could you give me some example, please?
And one more question: where is the best place to handle child messages: in the parent (owner) window procedure or in the subclassed child procedure? I create dynamically some controls (buttons, editboxes etc.) and I want to select them, move, change size etc.
Posted on 2004-04-10 09:40:26 by Deli
Deli, you might find interesting this sample code I wrote some time ago: :)

Posted on 2004-04-10 09:59:27 by QvasiModo