Hi All:

I Rewrote my HexEdit program.

1. Display any file.
2. Edit and save any file thats not in use.
3. Extract, display, and save images from appropriate files.
4. Compare files.
5. Four different Hex format displays.
6. Select highlighting.
7. Print routine.

All scroll functions (Keyboard, mouse wheel, etc.) now work
the way they are suppose to.

Improved the mouse selection and you can now edit in the Ascii window.

Plus other features.

Read the Help file.

Let me know how it works.



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Update 04-17-2004
Posted on 2004-04-12 22:29:07 by Ewayne
Seems display is in 16bit dwords and I cannot set karret to lower 8 bits. Will save upper 8bit changes but can't access lower 8 bits
Posted on 2004-04-12 22:59:15 by mrgone
To mrgone:

Its designed to edit 16 bits (One word) in the Hex edit window
and that corresponds to 8 bits (One byte) in the Ascii window.

If it becomes a big problem I will setup an option to edit 8 bits
in the Hex edit window.


Posted on 2004-04-12 23:14:41 by Ewayne
Looks good!

Only thing worth pointing out is that when i edited a large 12Mb PDF it got really choppy to work with. Menus were even choppy when clicked on. Smells like some resource memory is being held dispite the fact that its not being displayed at the moment.

However, great work!
Posted on 2004-04-12 23:19:14 by NaN
Hi NaN,

I didn't know they made files that big. :rolleyes:

I did find a file over 16 meg and you are right, it did not work very well.

It just keep on sucking up real memory and pushing up the CPU usage.
(Like an internal loop)

The problem was is that I have a hidden work window and if i would show
the window after I load a very large file to it, it would work ok. ?????

So now I show the window before I load and then hide it after it's loaded
and it seems to work ok. ?????

But it looks like if you load a file over 10 meg it takes about 15 to 20 seconds
for the memory to recover.

Any ideas on what's going on?

You can go to the first post of this thread for the update.


Posted on 2004-04-13 11:42:49 by Ewayne
Check the size of the pagefile.
Posted on 2004-04-13 12:43:12 by mrgone
Hi mrgone,

My page file is on a seperate physical drive from the operating
system and the size is 1.5 times my RAM.

So that should not be a problem.

I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I don't think there are very
many folks that are going to edit 10 meg plus files and if they do
they will just have to wait a few seconds.

But I still would like to know what's going on.

All allocated memory is being freed and there are no memory leaks in the program.

Maybe it's just a big shock to the system to grab that much memory and it
takes awhile for it to get it's ducks in a row again.


Posted on 2004-04-13 17:07:37 by Ewayne
Looks great, untill resizing. When I resize the window, it looks like an empty window appears behind and is invertly resized.
It the calc program Information dialog appears behind main window in Z order and never comes front. This is what i noticed in the first couple of minutes on my win98se.
Looks great. Well done.
Posted on 2004-04-14 03:33:21 by Vaxon
Hi Vaxon,

Thanks for the feedback.

The Calc program was not suppose to be part of the test,
but I will fix the z order bug for the information message
box on the next update for the EWCALC program.

There is a hidden window behind the HexEdit window,
but that should never be seen even when you resize.

I will try it on a Win9x system and see if I can see anything.


Posted on 2004-04-14 10:43:01 by Ewayne
Hi All,

There was a bug displaying .doc and .rtf type files in the ascii window.

You can go to the first post of this thread for the update.


Posted on 2004-04-16 15:49:57 by Ewayne
Hi All,

There was another bug updating the first line for .doc and .rtf type files.

You can go to the first post of this thread for the update.


Posted on 2004-04-16 21:56:39 by Ewayne