I'm planning to build a cross platform (windows and linux) application using a custom font, the application will be a kind of wordprocessor. The font itself will be lontara, you can see how the font looks like here: http://www.xenotypetech.com/osxBugis.html . I need suggestions on how to implement it, do I only need to build a True Type Font for this or a totally "new layer of software " to support the font itself ? I suppose that in windows I only need a new true type font, but what about linux? I know that linux already support true type fonts, but AFAIK it's still buggy somehow. Btw, I will release this application for free and will be used in my home town and some other city around them to teach the youngs the language using computer :D. I grow up with the traditional language i.e. buginese which uses this alphabet and know the language very well eventhough I'm not buginese :D. Since I grow up there, I feel somehow have to give something to the community where I used to live. Note that I'm not interested in the xenotypetech product mentioned above and prefer to build my own software so that the community can extend it for their own purpose. Thx
Posted on 2004-04-13 06:48:19 by Pinczakko
Hm, I'm not too sure what is required under linux - it will probably all depend on installed libraries and daemons and the phase of the moon ;)

If you want to be sure your application has ttf support on "any" linux version, check http://www.freetype.org/ . It will add quite some bloat to your exe etc., but it should be a pretty 'safe and sure' method.

Btw the freely available ttf stuff doesn't support just everything that licensed ttf engines do - so some fonts might be a little less pretty.
Posted on 2004-04-13 10:15:09 by f0dder